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App for foodtrucks

The digital letter that saves you time

Descubre todas las ventajas de utilizar WayPub en tu restaurante

La mejor solución para tu restaurante

Estas son solo algunas de las razones por las que utilizar WayPub


Digital Orders

Your staff will be able to serve tables and manage orders directly from their phone.


Employee Management

Manage the staff's performance from our app. Set roles and permission in a simple and flexible manner.


Advanced Features

Waiter caller, customer caller, bar pick-up and digital payments.



Lots of customers in the same table? We got you covered. You will easily be able to split the bill and ensure every order has been payed.



Thanks to our software, we will show trends in your sales and help you take decisions to grow your business.



Manage all your businesses from your phone. You will know what happens in all of them in a few taps.

App for clients

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App for owners and employees

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Smart digital menu

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Independent QR-code generation

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Allergen settings

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Menu web hosting

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Order manager from the table

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Smart bill splitting

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Employee management

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Multi-local management

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AI-powered consumption statistics

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Caller service

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Lifetime updates

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